Music to crush to…loading the iPod

So I have an iPod now.  A nice one with a good amount of memory and my name engraved on it.  I have a device to help me shut out the world and focus so I can crush on the wall, now!  But…what do I put on it?  Loading the iPod…  Okay, I know I need something with a strong beat and that I could listen to if I felt like it, but more noise than anything if I don’t want to really “listen” to it and understand the words.  I have some ideas, now.  What do you climbers use to crush?  To focus?  To shut out the world and the rest of the clutter and stress so you can climb in peace?  Comment if you would, please.  I could use some ideas!  And your ideas don’t have to be rated PG…  The ideas I have for music aren’t rated PG, trust me!

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