Another Valentine’s Day success

Well, I made it through Valentine’s Day.  Whew!  Valentine’s Day is also my spouse’s birthday and my brother’s birthday.  I just texted my brother and everything was good.  My spouse?  Well, I got a cake, which they didn’t like, but they did like the long sleeve t-shirts that I had gotten them to wear and they’re not sure about the rain jacket I got them.  I think they’ll be more fond and appreciative of the rain jacket when it’s rainy on an outdoor job instead of frigid and snowing…  Anyway, I forgot to get a card.  I didn’t receive a card, either, so I don’t feel bad.  I got an awesome knife from my spouse for Valentine’s Day!  I love it!  I’m so glad they know where my heart lies, hahaha!  I’m pretty easy to please – just get me a good quality knife and I’m good!  Or climbing gear.  I’d rather get that myself, though.  Knives are good…

Valentine’s Day is a hard day to know what to do with.  Everybody’s celebrating it, so you can’t just go to a “nice, quiet restaurant” because everybody’s got the same idea and it’s not so nice and quiet anymore!  In addition, it, like every other holiday, has been commercialized to a ridiculous point and there’s somehow this “standard” that we should all meet with our Valentine’s Day gifts and shows of affection.  Not for us.  It’s a normal day with an extra gift or two.  My iPod Touch just happened to come yesterday, which was a welcome addition to my day and my arsenal of Apple products!  That was pure luck, though, because I didn’t order it with the idea of it coming specifically on Valentine’s Day.  It just worked out that way.  Hopefully my spouse didn’t see it as an afront, but they didn’t seem to, so I think everything’s fine.  Like I said, I love my new knife!

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