The 7th Gen iPod Touch

Today, I received my 7th Gen iPod Touch – blue – engraved with “Chris Jones, Climber” on the back.  This thing has spectacular sound!  I’m loving this little device!  I’ve only ever had a 3rd Gen iPod Classic that my friend gave me, which I thought was spectacular at the time (and I still thank my friend for generously introducing me to the world of the iPod).  This new one is space-age to me, a Luddite at heart.  I sure am enjoying the sound of DMB’s 2009 Live European Tour while I write this, though!  This is something else!  It does almost every thing a phone does!  It’s got apps galore and I haven’t even scratched the surface!  I can’t believe how far we’ve come or what we’ve done with technology (nor can I hardly believe the prices we pay for that technology, but that’s another story entirely).  I set it up as a new iPod to preserve the memory.  I got the 128GB iPod Touch because I wanted to make sure I could fit a LOT of music on it!  This is my new main music maker and repository (and a whole lot more if I want it to be).  I’m really excited about this thing!  I’m so afraid of it in a way, though, because it’s so fragile-looking.  I’m going to have to get used to its sleek, slim body and working with it more like a phone than the iPod Classic.  It’s truly amazing!

So why get this now?  And what does it have to do with climbing?  Well, my friend and mentor Lou recommended that I get an iPod and crank up some Pink Floyd to really get in the zone when I’m climbing in order to climb hard and focus when I’m all scattered and distracted by all of the people and things going on around me, not to mention all the storming going on inside my head at any given time.  So I got an iPod.  Tunes?  Check!  Climbing and crushing?  Soon to come!

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