Grasshopper’s got a job!

Shipping for a climbing app company, 1-5 hrs/wk at $9/hr, all (well, most) supplies provided.  Sweet!  Grasshopper has PTSD and is fully disabled.  Grasshopper, though, needs some purpose in life and this is a big boost in confidence because Grasshopper wasn’t even looking for a job – this job was offered to Grasshopper because of his character and affiliations.  This is a way to start over for Grasshopper, and a way to make a little bit of pocket change to save up for climbing gear!  You see, Grasshopper was in the military – a soldier – and was in a war.  He ended up having to do some horrific things, being a soldier and a machine-gunner in the war.  Grasshopper has never been the same.  It’s been almost 19 years.  He sees his psychiatrist twice a week at $5/visit – a Godsend of an arrangement that his psychiatrist made with him so that he can get the help he needs for the severe and chronic PTSD.  Grasshopper just spent some time in the inpatient psych ward a couple of months ago over a car accident that happened and the stress of not being able to climb because he was injured in the accident.  Things looked bleak.  Climbing is Grasshopper’s passion.  Grasshopper lives for two things: God and climbing.  Climbing, to Grasshopper, is the way that he feels closest to God, so they’re inseparable as far as  Grasshopper is concerned.  Another three weeks, and Grasshopper should be able to begin climbing again – slowly at first – and rehabilitating his injuries from the accident.  Today, Grasshopper is being (hopefully) sustained as a Teacher and then set apart by the Priesthood for this calling at his Church.  Today should be a great day for Grasshopper…

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