Trying to teach my Bohemian mother Czech…

I called my mom and offered her an enthusiastic, “Čau! Miluji tê!”, which means, “Hi!  I love you!” in Czech.  She said, “I’m cutting Dad’s hair right now, can I call you back?”  Sure.  Nashledanou.  That means “goodbye”.  She called back a little while later and we worked for 10 minutes on “I love you” in Czech.  She finally got it.  We decided to stick with “Čau!” because she can remember that one and it serves the dual purpose of meaning both “Hi!” and “Bye!”.  It’s pronounced “chow”, a harder version of the Italian “Ciao!”.  I called her right back and was greeted with, “Čau!”.  I was so proud of her!  I told her that I knew one that she could remember for sure.  The word for “bad” in Czech is “Špatny” (which is missing an accent over the y because my computer evidently doesn’t speak Czech, either, but it’s pronounced “Shpot-nee”, nevertheless).  We worked on this and Nashledanou (goodbye) for a good 10 minutes.  She finally got Špatny (again, missing the accent over the y), but tomorrow morning, I’ll be able to greet her with, “Dobré ráno!” which is “Good morning!”  We’ll see if she remembers “Čau!” in the morning…

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