Definitely a slow start this morning

Okay.  I confess.  I slept in.  And I liked it.  Well, I liked it except I could’ve been getting things done all that time, missed church, am going to be late to go and hang out at the climbing gym since I can’t actually climb, and am probably missing something horribly important, but I still enjoyed it.  I feel like I overslept.  Burnt.  That burnt feeling.  Lethargy on top of it.  But I’m nice and warm at the moment and am still in my PJ’s at 0949 hrs in the morning!  Unheard of!!!  I’m feeling guilty about not getting to the gym when it opens in ten minutes or so, but I still enjoyed the extra rest overall.  It’s definitely a slow start this morning!

I had many dreams last night, good and bad.  A lot of symbolism was involved, which is characteristic of my dreams.  I feel like I’m usually about half-conscious when I dream, so sometimes I feel like I can influence the dream.  It’s interesting.  Traumatic nightmares are different, though.  Those aren’t “dreams”.  They’re nightmares and there’s no stopping them!  I had a lot of dreams last night that I understand and they have to do with all kinds of feelings, fears, hopes, and goals of mine, as well as who I care about and how, what’s happened to me in the past, my relationships with people, and the like.  Fascinating.

My injured left hand, wrist, and thumb hurt really bad this morning.  The wind is up, so that’s probably why.  Arthritis forming in there.  The wind is supposed to blow 50-65 mph today from the northwest!  I hate wind.  I really do…  Today, the wind is going to heat it up to the mid-40’s F, but then tomorrow, after it rains this afternoon, it’s only going to get up to the mid-20’s F.  That’s an unpleasant temperature change!  Halfway thawing straight to deep freeze and slick roads.  Great!  We’re having March weather right now.  That makes me wonder what’s in store for the the rest of winter, spring, and summer…  I’m thinking that, if this continues and our seasons are five weeks ahead of themselves, that we’re in for a long, hot, dry summer!  Fire.  That’s my main concern.

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