Learning Czech

My mother is full-blooded Bohemian.  Yes, Bohemia was a country and is now known as the Eastern Czech Republic, or Czechoslovakia.  I know how to say, “No good, dirty, rotton, son-of-a-gun,” (that’s the non-explicit version of the phrase) in Czech, and a few other choice words, but I don’t know the language.  I need to learn it.  I’ve felt the need to learn to speak Czech since I was a really little kid, and now I think I’m finally in a position to learn it.  It’s quite the language!  Falling officially in the “Slavik” class of languages, it has a lot of Germanic language mixed in with it and is a hybrid of sorts, which makes sense if you look at the history of Czechoslovakia.  I’m quite excited to learn this wonderful language and hopefully find out more about my family history as I do so.  I would like to find out what area of the “Old Country” they were from, but that may be difficult because they hardly ever talked about the “Old Country”, and only in whispers and sharp, clipped tones when they did.  Anyway, it won’t hurt to learn it.  There’s a reason I’ve wanted to learn it all my life, and I’m sure I’ll find out why someday!

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