Snow, snow, and more snow!

We got snow all afternoon, all evening, and all night yesterday.  We awoke to another 6″ of snow on top of the 10″ we got on Monday!  Of course, the snowplow came by last night without announcing that they were coming to plow our side streets, so our vehicles were buried in snow.  I helped my mom, who is a couple of weeks away from 73 years old, shovel all of that snow out of the way so that she could park along the curb instead of in the street all day.  That snow was heavy and hard-packed!  With my wrist and thumb injuries, it was very difficult to shovel, but I did what I could.  Try shoveling densely-packed, frozen snow with one hand sometime…it’s not easy!  I ended up doing more to break the packed snow up with my good hand so that my mom could scoop it up and toss it out of the way than anything else.  That spared my injured hand from any abuse or further damage.

Squiggle Bug thinks the snow is great!  At almost 19 months old, he’s decided that playing in this white “hot” stuff (he says, “Hot, hot,” for both hot and cold) is fantastic fun!  He did a purposeful faceplant in it and decided he could eat it today during my walk with him.  He was very impressed that this mysterious white stuff is edible!  So, every couple of feet, we’d have to play in, flop in, and eat some “hot” white stuff.  I kept wiping his cheeks off with my scarf, as his entire face was covered in snow, but this didn’t deter him from the two-foot checks on the snow quality up the block and back.  I didn’t let him get into any yellow, shoveled, or discolored snow.  I made sure that he only flopped in snow that I would flop in myself.  He had a great time outside today!

Driving.  That’s a whole story in itself.  Suffice it to say that most people are not driving at the speeds or with the extra caution that they should be to deal with these types of road conditions.  There are at least two inches of packed, slick ice underneath all of this snow, and there are bumpy partial sections of ice all over the place on the road that cause your vehicle to slip and slide to the sides into other lanes no matter how carefully you drive, not to mention giving you a rough ride while you’re at it!  Does that slow people down?  Not most of them!  Most of them are still speeding, pushing the lights, running red lights and stop signs, and generally not giving anyone enough space or time to avoid an accident.  The Billings Police Department announced a few years ago that they wouldn’t even respond to a vehicle accident in the winter unless there were injuries that needed immediate medical attention (in other words, you’re on your own, folks).  The police have been very good in keeping with that policy, too, by the way.  If it causes a major traffic hazard, they might respond just long enough to clear the intersection, but beyond that, you exchange insurance information and go about your business if your vehicle is operational.  And that’s the weather for today!

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