The Glacier National Park climbing guidebook

It came!  It came!  Last night, it came!  I bought an old copy of A Climber’s Guide to Glacier National Park by J. Gordon Edwards online.  I’m interested in Mt. St. Nicholas, which according to the description beginning on page 335 of the guide is the most formidable of climbs in the park and is impossible-looking (although plenty of people have summited).  Sounds like my kind of goal!  I’ll have to lose weight to make the climb because there is a hole in the mountain that you have to crawl through that is about three feet wide.  Great incentive to lose weight!  I want to make sure I don’t get stuck in the mountain!

So, Mt. St. Nicholas, 9,376′ up.  I know it’s no 8000-m peak, but it’ll do for my initial efforts at mountaineering when I recover and become better at climbing in general.  I’ll need time to get some gear together, too, which is no cheap or easy task in itself.  Then maybe I can talk my good climbing buddy and mentor Lou and a couple of his buddies into teaching me how to climb alpine style…  That’s all a pipe dream right now, but it’s working to keep my spirits up as I heal from this injury to my left arm, wrist, hand, and thumb that happened back in October 2018.  It’s fun to plan and dream and read about something that would feed the rat.

I didn’t realize how spectacular Glacier National Park was in terms of climbing until I got this guidebook!  I’m so impressed that we have this type of climbing, and plenty of it, right here in Montana!  I’m so glad there is such a diverse range of climbing in my state!  From different styles and disciplines to different rock types, Montana seems to have it all, I’m finding out!

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