A great day with Danielle in Bozeman!

I have a great friend in Bozeman whose name is Danielle.  I went up to Bozeman to see her yesterday, thus no blog post yesterday.  We had a terrific time together!  Ski season is upon us here in Montana, and one of my main reasons for going up yesterday, besides spending time with my friend, was to take my GoPro and some accessories up to her so that she can use them while she’s skiing for some killer footage coming down the mountain!  I can’t wait to see what she comes up with!  She loves skiing and now she’ll be able to capture some memories to share with others and to look at all year round.  The helmet I took her even fit!  We put the mount for the GoPro on the helmet, then tried pairing her phone with the GoPro.  We tried and tried, and finally decided to take a break and go to the mall for some Starbucks coffee and an outing.  Danielle’s service dog was great!  Watching him work was fantastic!  First, we had our Starbucks drinks.  After that, Danielle gave me a tour of the mall and we got a card for her uncle, who is quite the character.  She picked out a fun card for him for Valentine’s Day.  After that, we continued our tour and ended up at The Bay, a bar and grill that served up a delicious dinner for each of us.  Danielle had steak and I had a French dip with mushrooms and pepperjack cheese.  Oh, it was so good!  I had some sweet potato jo-jo’s, too, which were quite good.  Once back at the house, we attempted to pair her phone with the GoPro and it worked right away!  We were so happy!  I showed her the basics and got it set up for her (she can change whatever she needs to, of course), but it should be all ready to go!  I told her to play with it and get used to it before she goes skiing with it so that she can be confident about getting the footage she wants on the mountain.  It should be a blast!  I gave her a hug and left for Billings at about 2100 hrs (9 PM civilian time).  I made good time getting back home and messaged her when I got in the door at 2345 hrs.  What a fantastic day!  I love getting to spend time with my friend Danielle and her family!  Her poor mom was feeling quite ill, as was her uncle, but her uncle still drove us to the mall and picked us up when we were finished, which we were grateful for.  I hope they feel better soon!

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