“Dear Boss…”

“Dear Boss –

I’m writing to tell you that I quit.  I have had enough of the Head Headhunter’s ego and unprofessionalism.  Your HH is not only insufferable, but inexperienced (I trained the HH), reckless in pubic relations (humiliates me in front of clientele), and incompetent (that’s INCOMPETENT).  The HH has a personal vendetta against me and you listen to every word the HH says and disregard everything I’ve told you about the way the HH treats me and the rest of the crew in the past.  I’m going to say this clearly.  The HH and the crew are milking you for money, Boss.  I could do what they do in one-third of the time, and I could do it better.  Your clients aren’t happy, Boss, and they’re tired of the drama that they see from the HH on top of the poor product the crew is producing because of the HH.  You also had people who wanted a place on the crew that you chased away, Boss.  I don’t understand.  Why would you crush someone’s dream like that?  And you crushed that dream in the name of “inefficiency”.  Even that person’s inefficiency would cost you less money than the HH and the current crew you have if you had hired me on as the HH and let me run the crew and train that person who desperately wanted to be part of it.  Now you’re being duped both financially and in your product quality, and you refuse to even open your eyes to it!  Boss, I’m trying to tell you, this one last time, that your HH can’t communicate effectively, can’t turn out a quality product, and is taking you for every penny possible.  I can’t work under these conditions.  I won’t sacrifice my dignity any longer to work under the current HH.


The Head Headshrinker”

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