Rehab traversing again today…

Today, I did two long traverses – rehab traverses, and “long” being a relative term.  I did one moving to my right and the second moving to my left.  That way, I can work on different grip angles and different handholds altogether.  I noticed how weak I’ve become.  I noticed how, three months to the day after my wrist was broken, my climbing game is in the dregs of the barrel.   I have to start from scratch.  No, I have to start farther behind than that, because I have to wait for my wrist to heal, carefully rehabilitate that, and then begin my climbing journey again.  Being on the wall (even though I’m not really what you’d call “on” the wall) has never meant more to me, though!  Just being able to put my climbing shoes on is a major accomplishment!  A few weeks ago, I couldn’t have done that with my wrist as weak as it was.  Touching, gripping, and lightly weighting the holds with my splint still on my wrist is such a miraculous event for me, now!  I have such a deep appreciation for the very little that I CAN do right now!


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