Control: it must be the “balance” thing…

I’ve noticed that, in life, there must be a balance.  There is a universal balance working on all of us.  For example, one carefree, fun day that burns off all the toxins in your body being followed by one stress-riddled, highly worrisome day that sends your cortisol levels through the roof!  And it’s not under your control!  That’s the part that gets our hackles up, as well as our blood pressures.  When you think about it, we really don’t have a lot of control over most of the things that go on in our lives.  Driving, for instance.  We can control ourselves and our own driving.  We can’t control the stoplights that are timed those critical four or five seconds off.  We can’t control the reckless drivers that want to blow the red light and get through it at all costs, even someone’s life.  We can’t control what others consume before they get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle and choose to operate it on the same road we happen to be on with that ill-timed stoplight and their need to get through that intersection without regard for life and limb.  We can only control our own decision-making, which is subjective and limited by the information we have access to at the time of the decision.  Sometimes it’s a decision of safety.  Let’s go back to our hypothetical traffic example.  You’re making a left turn.  You’re out in the middle of the intersection.  The light was green when you entered the intersection, then turned yellow, then turned red.  It’s been red for a good four or five seconds and everyone is stopped, waiting for you to get out of the way.  For safety’s sake, you have to clear the intersection, and have just begun to move when someone else decides to run that ill-timed red light on their side.  Now you’re in a motor vehicle accident where both drivers are injured, both vehicles are totaled, and you’re a hazard to everyone else for five blocks in any direction because it was a major intersection.  Later that day, someone else might get killed because of a similar accident up the street.  Do you see how little control we have over our lives?

And that balance.  Something good happened, so something bad had to happen.  Every.  Single.  Time.  I find this pattern over and over in my life.  It’s amazing!  I can only control me.  You can only control you.  And sometimes we can’t even control that much!  Medications have to be brought in, as well as medical professionals and legal experts to assess the situation and formulate your next move.  Your control over your own actions has just been usurped!  That’s life, though.  You have iron control over what you believe.  That’s one thing that no one can take away from you.  Nobody can take away what you truly believe in your heart.  And if anyone tries, defend it to the death!

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