Getting some air today!

Since I’ve lost 32 lbs., my mom is taking me to the GetAir indoor trampoline park as a reward and incentive to lose another 30 lbs.  We haven’t been able to do it until this point because my arm was in a cast, but now that I’m in a splint, we figured we could do now.

First, though, we’re going to go to the used linen supply shop and get my brother, a mechanic, a bunch of terrycloth towels to use for grease rags.  We’re also going to look for a used office carpet for inside the doorway of the basement to protect the carpet.

Next, we’re going to go get our haircuts at CostCutters because today is Tuesday.  On Tuesdays, the haircuts are cheaper, so we’re taking advantage of that fact!  Between the two of us, we’ll save almost an entire discount haircut’s worth of money this way!

After our we get our hair cut, we’re going to have a light lunch at Perkins or some similar place.  Light.  So that we don’t end up getting sick during our main event of the day.

Then, the main event – trampolining!  This will only be my mom’s second trip to the trampoline park (mine, too, but this is also only my mom’s second experience with trampolines in her entire life).  I’m so proud of my mom!  She, at the age of 72 (just a few weeks shy of 73  years old), is taking me to the trampoline park and having her second experience jumping on trampolines!  And her first experience ever was only a few months ago!  My mom is the best!  You can argue your case for your mom being the best, and you can believe whatever you want, but my mom is truly the best!  My mom can outjump me on the trampoline, too, and I’m not even 40, yet!

So, I’m definitely looking forward to spending the day with my mom.  I think it was a brilliant idea to take me to the trampoline park as an incentive for me to lose weight!  It gives my mom and I something special to do together.  Squiggle Bug will be big enough soon to join us, and my sister-in-law (if she’s got the day off) could go, too!

How does this relate to climbing?  Well, for one thing, it’s more incentive to lose weight, which helps my climbing ability, and will help with my rehab on top of everything else.  Another thing is that it develops balance and coordination in the body and  mind.  A third thing is that it’s physical exercise – hard work, as a matter of fact – and it helps to develop other muscle groups and cardiovascular health.  There are a lot of ways that these things overlap.  The biggest one is mental health!  Truly!  If your mental health is boosted, your physical health will be, too!  Our brains are our most important organs of our bodies.  The brain regulates everything, so keep it happy!

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