18-month-old loose with a washable green marker!

Yes, it was initially used in his coloring book on the kitchen floor…for about ten seconds.  After that, he took off with it, marker in one hand and cap in the other, marking everything in sight as he ran toward the bedroom through the living room with glee, knowing I was in hot pursuit.  Once in the bedroom, he made brilliant streaks of green on everything in there, too, and had managed by that time to get it all over his face and hands, not to mention in his mouth, which looked quite interesting.  I wonder if it tasted good?  I put the cap on and gave it back to him.  Oh, tragedy!  He collapsed against the bed, upset, and I went and got the coloring book from the kitchen floor to give to my husband who was sitting in the bed consoling him.  The coloring lasted, again, for about ten seconds, then out he came, marking everything along the way with fantastic green streaks, then ran back into the bedroom when I pursued him again from the kitchen.  This time, I got it wrestled away from him without too much fuss, and hid it the only place I could – in my underwear.  He wasn’t phased at all because he was nesting in one of his fuzzy blankets by that time and didn’t mind that he no longer had the green mess-maker to play with.  It says washable, and I tested it, as I didn’t escape unscathed from our row over the green marker with the cap off, and it washed right off when I licked it.  I didn’t catch the flavor…

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