This is my 1001st blog post!

What a milestone!  This is my 1001st post on my blog!  I haven’t even been blogging for a full two years (I’m one month short of that mark).  I have to thank all of you who read my blog and keep encouraging me with your views, likes, and comments.  I couldn’t keep doing this without you!  I hope that the material I post on my blog is helpful, insightful, or worth reading and/or viewing.  I know there’s a dud here and there, but everybody has those.  I post the things I post because this blog is both an informative blog and a way to cope with life for me.  Lately, it’s been more along the lines of coping, but now that I can rehabilitate my wrist and thumb, with the return to climbing in my sights, there will be some rehab stuff that I will post, which may (I hope) help someone out there who needs the info or is just curious about how I’ve gone about doing it.

My 1000th post, the hydrotherapy video, was also my first video post.  I have never posted a video before, and I think it turned out great for what it is, so I’m very pleased with that!  Not only that, but now I know I can do it!  So, more videos to follow, especially in the rehabilitation line of posts…  That’s what I hope to do, at least.  Rehabilitation is something that is better shown than explained, or at least shown while explained, I think.  We’ll see how it goes!  I’m excited!

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