What do you expect?

Today is New Year’s Eve.  At midnight, a whole new year begins…so what do you expect?  Do you expect that the 100 lbs that you want to lose are going to magically disappear when the twelve bells ring?  Do you think that your relationships are going to be fixed and in fine shape when they’ve been in shambles since you can remember overnight?   Do you anticipate that the new home, car, motorcycle, ATV, or total debt forgiveness are going to occur at 00:00 hrs on 01 January 2019?  Well, I hope that you don’t expect any of those things to happen, because chances are very good that you’ll be horribly disappointed come morning if you do expect those things.

So what CAN you expect?  Well, you can expect tax forms to roll in around the end of the month.  You can expect more political outbursts and tussles on television that are a ruse to distract you while the politicians themselves pass laws that are only beneficial to the already wealthy beyond belief.  You can expect that the overnight low was sufficiently lower than you would have liked it to have been, but you won’t complain given the season that it is.  If you partake of fine wine in large amounts or get just plain sloppy drunk bar-hopping, you can expect to be very ill in the morning and probably most of tomorrow…  What you can expect is that life hasn’t changed much since today.  That is, unless YOU CHANGE SOMETHING NOW.

YOU are the factor that changes everthing about what you can expect in the coming year.  Change that lifestyle and lose those extra pounds!  Exercise more, get outdoors more, spend more time with the people you love, practice your religion more devoutly (if you have one), wear your atheism proudly if you don’t believe in religion, leave the fear behind and do the things you’ve always dreamed of, because the time is NOW!  We are not guaranteed tomorrow, or even the next five minutes.  Is there a boundary with someone you need to set in order to have better health in your own life?  Then SET IT NOW.  Is there a toxic relationship weighing you down?  Then END IT NOW.  Is there something that you’ve always wanted to do, but have always been afraid of what others would think of you failed at it?  DO IT NOW.  Now is the time.  Tomorrow might not be there.  And we don’t have to make resolutions at the beginning of the year.  We can make them any time.  Why not start NOW?  TODAY???  Why wait until midnight???  If you keep doing things that way in your life, you’ll be at the midnight of your life before you realize that your whole life has passed you by!  My point is that you can be significant, happy, healthy, and worthwhile NOW.  This very second!  So DO IT!  NOW!!!

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