Our new home study manuals from the Church

Today is quite a special day in the whole scheme of things regarding the Church.  Today, we will receive our new home study manuals for 2019!  These manuals are different than anything the Church has previously issued.  Each family will receive one copy for the whole family and extras can be purchased for a small and affordable price from the Distribution Center.  These manuals are the beginning of a new way of worship and learning.  Allow me to explain.

The premise behind these home study manuals is that we study the Scriptures daily to support our Church meetings instead of relying on just a few hours of Church meetings per week to study and learn about the Scriptures and to sustain us for the rest of the week, potentially living without that the rest of the week.  To me, it makes perfect sense, and I’m glad that the Church is going to this type of curriculum.  There is plenty to study no matter how much time you do or do not have during the week, and Sunday School will reinforce what you’ve learned during the week with the home study manuals.  The manuals are set up workbook-style so that you can record your impressions and thoughts on a few lines provided at the beginning of each week’s Scripture reading list.  I’m going to dedicate a special Bullet Journal just to my Church curriculum so that I have a place to record whatever may come to me through this type of study.  That is one improvement that could be made to the manuals – wide margins so that thoughts and impressions could be easily jotted down in the workbook.  That’s something that may change or may not.  To me, it isn’t a problem.  As I said, I will simply keep a separate Bullet Journal for my Scripture study, both at home and at Church.  I’ll have to start carrying my leather satchel to Church!  It’ll be worth it, though.  The manuals state that the purpose is “conversion”.  I love that word.  I’m a convert to the Church (did not grow up in the Church), so that word is near and dear to my heart.  The manuals are not rigidly structured to exclude the study of Scriptures outside what is presented for the week you happen to be on in the curriculum, either, which is great!  For example, if you already have your own Scripture study plan in place or that you are working on, this new curriculum can easily complement that an vice-versa.  If you don’t have a Scripture study plan in place, the workbooks will help you get one started.  It’s a win-win!

In short, it is an exciting day!  I appreciate the shift in the way the Church is encouraging us to study the Scriptures and live our faith every day.  That is divinely inspired.  It is something that I already do, so it is a welcome change to the way Church and Scripture study relations are structured and viewed.  These are exciting times that we live in!  Without further adieu, let’s get on with this and start 2019 with solid home gospel study and the New Testament!

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