Why the Great Snowy Owl was out on Christmas Eve

I was traveling on that Christmas Eve night that the Great Snowy Owl watched over me because I had just left my friend Danielle’s house up in Bozeman.  I had traveled up that morning to spend the day with her and her family because I hadn’t seen her in a couple of weeks.  She had been down to Billings on some business and we had met while she was on that trip.

It was so great to see Danielle again and to meet her mom and her uncle!  Such dear people they are!  I had asked Danielle what she wanted me to bring for Christmas and she said, “Yourself.”  Such a sweet, wonderful person she is!  I picked her up a small gift anyway, and she had a gift for me when I got to her house.  More on that in a moment.  The best gift was getting to see her again!  She and her family were delightful company for Christmas Eve!  After spending the afternoon with Danielle, she and her mom and I had supper, watched Jeopardy, and talked that evening before I had to get going.  Her mom kindly fixed me a cup of coffee to go and I was grateful.  It was such a perfect Christmas Eve!  If I hadn’t had commitments the next day on Christmas, I would’ve stayed the night!

Now, about this gift that she got me.  It’s called a Buff.  It was the perfect color (blue) with  an awesome pattern and has such a wide variety of uses that it’s mind-boggling!  I’ve been wearing it as a stocking cap, but it can be worn as a neck gaiter, a do-rag, a muffler, you name it!  I love it!  I carry it with me everywhere because the weather has been changing so much here in the last week!  I look at it and it reminds me of Danielle, a beautiful person and a friend for life.

You meet many people in life, but there are those that you meet once in a while whom you immediately know will be among those that you count on one hand, and those are your lifelong friends.  Danielle can be counted on that one hand.  I want to thank Danielle and her family for having me over on Christmas Eve and making it such a fantastic experience!  I’ll see you again soon!

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