Now that the cast is off my left arm, I’ve had to begin the rehabilitation of my wrist and thumb.  It’s incredibly sore and the atrophy of six weeks in a cast has taken its toll.  My thumb has next to no strength and it’s very painful to move the joints.  The same goes for my wrist.  My climbing buddy Lou recommended that I immerse my arm in a bucket of warm water and do some mobility training under the warm water with it.  The warm water immersion works wonders!  With the hydrotherapy, I’ve been able to move my thumb, wrist, and other joints more easily, more freely, and with less pain than outside the bucket of warm water.  The hydrotherapy approach alleviates and prevents swelling as well, which is a true bonus!  I’m not glad that Lou has broken all kinds of bones in his life, but I sure am glad that he knows the best way to get them to heal more quickly and with less pain and inflammation!

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