The Great Snowy Owl

I felt like I was entering warp speed in the Millenium Falcon on the snow-covered freeway in the dark, large snowflakes falling fast and hard, obscuring the view of my headlights as I drove 25 mph and used the reflector posts on either side of the road to remain on the paved vehicle trail homeward.  It was near midnight and no one else seemed to be on the road.  Eight inches of snow blanketed both lanes and the signs were covered in the white mess of winter.  A large, white shadow with a huge wingspan flew in front of my vehicle just beyond the reach of my headlights, and it landed in what would have been the passing lane, had there been anyone to pass me at that hour.  A Great Snowy Owl, at least two feet tall, stood there as a sentry while I passed by.  It was a beautiful, glowing, majestic creature, and it never looked at me.  It only stood guard over me as I passed, not worried in the least that it would be in any danger.  Angels come in all forms, and that Great Snowy Owl was watching over me in the snowy darkness at a time when I was praying incessantly in fear that God would guide me home safely at 25 mph on the freeway.  Thank you, God, for that Great Snowy Owl…

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