I just got my cast off and I can not only type again, but my scaphoid healed!  It’s a miracle!  Just last week, when my doctor and I were talking and I was catastrophizing about the outcome of this, he said, “Well, there’s a possibility of it healing, isn’t there?  I mean, it’d be a miracle, but miracles do happen sometimes, so it’s a possibility, right?”  When I told my doctor today, he laughed and said, “No.  No.  Really???  Wow!  You have no idea how lucky you are!  I’m really happy that it’s healed!  But you still have to do your homework.”  I told him I’d do any homework he wanted me to!  Everybody was expecting that I would need surgery of one sort or another – most potentially a wrist fusion – and it healed instead!  I’m giving God all the credit for this one!  ALL the credit!  I had the bishopric of my church ward give me a healing blessing a few weeks ago and God told me while I was praying one day, “You will not need surgery.”  This was one of those things that just doesn’t happen.  Not with that type of fracture and not one iota of healing after a whole month of it being broken before they even detected the fracture on a CT scan.  Thank you to all my friends, loved ones, and everybody who sent up prayers, good vibes, and hopes for my wrist to heal and that I wouldn’t need surgery!

So, that means that, after six to eight weeks of regaining the mobility in my left hand and strengthening it while letting that bone fully heal, I’LL BE ABLE TO CLIMB AGAIN!!!  That’s the plan, at least, as far as I know.  I’m going to take my time and let this miracle remain a miracle and not push it too hard too fast so that nothing goes wrong with it.  I expect to be able to reach my full climbing potential again!  This is such a glorious day!  I’m so incredibly excited!  I’m even including a photo or two, or more, of my “dead hand” for all to see!  If it grosses you out, just don’t ever break anything, okay?  Ha!




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