Was really looking forward to getting my cast off…

I was scheduled to get my cast off tomorrow and find out if my scaphoid is healing or not.  That was, until the clinic called and rescheduled me for Friday.  Dirty pool, I say!  I was all ready to brace myself for good news or bad tomorrow, and ready to get my cast off, and then they pushed it back two days on me!  And I see them after I see my psychiatrist on Friday, so if it’s bad news, I’ll have to try to get ahold of him a second time on Friday if I don’t feel like I can handle it.  So frustrating!  I know.  You’re saying, “What’s two more days in a cast after six weeks? Big deal.”  It IS a big deal!  My entire livelihood is at stake here!  Climbing, that is.  I don’t want to have to have surgery on my wrist to fuse the bones if something didn’t heal in there, and that’s what I have to steel myself to hear, potentially, whenever they decide to take my cast off and take some more images of my wrist!  This gives it two more days to heal, though, I guess.  I’ll try to look at it that way so that I don’t go nuts!

The good news is that I contacted a Reverend friend of mine who was very helpful in counseling with me and listening to my frustrations about this particular happening.  He had some good advice as to how to get through a few more days’ worth of the unknown – namely, to stay busy doing something I enjoy for the next few days – that really gave me some good ideas.  So, thank you, Reverend Doug, for listening and being there for me.  I appreciate you!

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