Bullet Journal to the head

I figured out a good way to Contingency Log in my Bullet Journal, or BuJo, this morning.  Through a set of symbols that were both created and adapted, I used a series of contingencies to test this method and it worked for a series of contingencies in one particular situation, so it should work for just about anything I need it to work for in the future.  I used an example my doctor gave me to test it on and it worked out really well.  I have a contingency situation of my own to use it on as soon as I’m calm enough to tackle it.  Mine is more complex, but contingencies are contingencies, and if it has to be a branched Contingency Log, then I’ll make it so.  That’s the nice thing about BuJo – it’s so incredibly adaptable to any situation or need you might encounter that it is virtually impossible to come up with something that it can’t help you organize, solve, or plan.  I’m so grateful to  my doctor for telling me about it a year and a half ago!  Then Ryder Carroll’s book The Bullet Journal Method came out on 23 Oct 2018, which made things even better!  It’s a good read if you just need a pick-me-up, whether or not you’re going to BuJo.  Versatile.  That’s the word I would use to describe the BuJo.  So I had a Bullet Journal to the head today.  It’s been a good day for the BuJo.

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