I love Peruvian food!

I know this is a primarily a climbing blog, but food goes into nutrition, which is part of climbing, so it’s salad as a side dish, okay?  I have to tell you that I love Peruvian food!  I always have.  The unique spices and the way it’s cooked – especially fish – is truly a delicacy as far as I’m concerned.  I like a lot of different foods, but I’m telling you right now that if you are ever invited to dine with someone who cooks authentic Peruvian food, take them up on it!  You’d be a fool not to at least try it!  The same goes for any kind of authentic cultural food.  I had authentic Ukrainian borsch, which I loved, prepared by my Ukrainian-born friend some years ago.  I have had authentic Greek prepared by my Greek friends.  Make friends from around the world!  The love that goes into their food is worth every bite!  They don’t cook for just anyone, you know.  If they are preparing a dish for you, their friend, a lot of pride and love goes into that dish, and that alone makes all the difference!  In many countries, the preparation of a meal for a special guest, such as yourself, they are doing as a gesture of their respect for you and friendship with you.  Food is a way of communicating, and it would do you well to tell them how much you loved their cooking if you truly did!  They would be overjoyed to hear it!  Culturally speaking, food is an international language, kind of like mathematics, but much more personal.  Make some international friends!  You won’t regret it!  If you’re really lucky, they’ll teach you how to prepare their food!

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