My bishop is willing to fix my scaphoid!

I went to church yesterday.  Twice.  I partook of the Sacrament yesterday.  Twice.  I asked the bishop if he would give me a blessing and he was busy with a million other things, but he said he would after Sacrament.  He ended up having to meet with someone else, too, so he had his First and Second Counselors perform a healing blessing for me in his stead.  It was just what Heavenly Father ordered.  My bishop told me that he’d try to fix my left scaphoid fracture because there’s such a high chance of the bone dying in the type of break that I have.  “I’d fix it.  We might as well try to fix it, because the end result is the same either way if the surgery doesn’t work – fusing the surrounding wrist bones.”  I was overjoyed yesterday!  Now I have to see if the VA will approve the switch over to my bishop so that he can perform the surgery…  I sincerely hope that they will!  Much prayer needed!

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