“Wow, that’s terrible.”

That was the response I got from my friend when I told him that I have been blogging for almost two years.  It will be two years in February.  07 February 2019, as a matter of fact.  He doesn’t see the use in blogging.  “What’s it for?  Just a hobby?” he asked.  It’s part of my therapy, actually, and I enjoy doing it.  I like sharing climbing stories and reviews and how-to’s and engaging with the global community.  I have had some interesting interactions with people around the world through my blog.  I’ve made some pretty cool friends throughout the world.  I hope to educate people and make them think about things from a different perspective.  So, in a way, I respect my friend’s assessment that blogging for almost two years is “terrible”, because that’s his opinion, and he’s entitled to it.  I, however, am of the opinion that it is a great achievement!  Blog on!

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