Thinking I should go to church tomorrow

I’ve been reading the Scriptures all day, carrying the Book around with me wherever I go, thinking about my doctor friend who is so sick and could be dead now, for all I know.  I keep praying for him, praying that if he must go, that God would take him quickly and without pain or suffering, and that if he is not to go yet, that his recovery would be quick and without pain and suffering.  We think of death as such a terrible thing, but it’s a transition we must all make, for ourselves and for others.  Others die, and we mourn.  We die, and hopefully somebody mourns.  But what about a celebration of their life?  How often do we do that?  We need to celebrate more.  If they’ve been sick for a long time, we must think of the fact that they are no longer in pain.  If they’ve lived a good, long life, we might celebrate their achievements and share good memories of them.  If they were young, or not yet born, we can celebrate that they had life itself – a physical body of some sort – to be resurrected into.  It all depends on what you believe about death.  I do not wish to push my beliefs on anyone else, only to let you know that I do hold some beliefs.  They do not have to match yours, nor do yours have to agree with mine.  Grieve and mourn the way you need to in order to get through the event and on with your life.  Life must go on, though we live only to die and leave this earth, whether as exalted beings, recycled beings, or worm food.  The annelids need sustenance, too.

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