Goals for the MyClimb Solstice Challenge 2018

Due to the fact that I am sidelined from climbing for a yet undetermined length of time, coming up with goals for the MyClimb Solstice Challenge 2018 was somewhat difficult at first.  I thought, “What can I possibly do?”  My injury prevents me from using one arm.  That eliminates a lot of options for training.  I decided I would go proactive for the Team, meaning that I can research and share information on injury prevention, protocol, and potential rehabilitation strategies.  I can attempt to help Team members find answers if they get injured.  I can also come up with some visualization and topo “beta” for the Team to help them psychologically, mentally focus.  I can share resources and personal experiences.  There ended up being a lot that I CAN do.

This is a really different challenge for me, though, because it’s Team-focused, not “me”-focused.  This could turn out to be a good thing.  Let’s find out!

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