Please bear with my inconsistency lately…

To my regular and faithful readers, I do sincerely apologize!  One hand, wrist, and arm is in a cast right now, so typing is hunt-and-peck for me, and terribly inefficient.  I think I’m going to be writing some of my shorter pieces as posts for the next six weeks or longer (depending on what my wrist does).  It could easiy be much, much longer, but I’m not wanting to think about that right now, so I’m going to change the subject!

To update you all, I’m participating in National Novel Writing Month and attempting to write a 50,000-word novel during the 30 days of November.  Look it up at!  It’s quite a thing!  I am writing mine down using paper and pen due to my injury, but three acts with sixty scenes is what I’m aiming for.  My doctor is helping to keep me on track with that.  When it flows, like it has for the last three days in a row, it’s really fun!  You should try it!  It’s quite the experience!

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