Got my tooth fixed!

Yesterday was a long day, but well worth it.  A dentistry office on the West End had a free dental clinic from 0700-1600 hrs for Veterans yesterday.  They did fillings, cleanings, implants, extractions, you name it.  I’ve had a pit in one of my molars for almost a year that the last dentist I saw said would turn into a cavity if I didn’t get it filled.  I didn’t have a few hundred bucks to spare and still don’t, so I didn’t get the filling…until yesterday.  I had another major health need being taken care of in the morning, and I got to the dental clinic at noon.  I ended up being the second-to-last Veteran they were able to help, but they got me in!  Two minutes’ of work – that’s all it took, and my tooth is fixed!  So, thank you Winterholler Dentistry in Billings, Montana for all you did for the Veterans yesterday!!!  You have no idea how important this was to us!!!

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