Yes, that’s right.  Snow.  The “S-word”.  It’s happening right now, as I write this post.  Road conditions are slick and people haven’t figured out yet that they should slow down.  They should slow down, anyway, in my opinion, but that’s another post.  For those of you who like snow, it should be a joyous occasion for you!  For those who don’t like snow, let’s lament together, then go outside and make snow angels like we did when we were kids!  Snow angels never get old or boring, you know.  At least they don’t for me…  Snowmen are fun, too, but it has to warm up a bit for that.  It’s too cold to make a snowman in Billings, Montana right now.  Trust me!  We need that heavy, wet snow for that.  This is that cold, crystallized snow that sticks to everything and makes it slippery.  Ice climbing season will soon be upon us.  Rejoice if you don’t have a wrist injury that’s going to prevent you from climbing for the next six months!  It really is worth a celebration if you are fortunate enough to be able to climb right now.  I can’t, and it absolutely S-U-C-K-S.  So enjoy your good fortune!  And climb on!!!

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