The dark months…

I woke up at what would’ve been 0430 hrs yesterday, but this morning, it was 0330 hrs.  Yes, the dark months have begun.  Daylight Saving Time is gone until sometime in the Spring.  I can’t remember when.  All I know is that I hate the dark months because they are, well, dark.  I have enough darkness in my basement apartment.  It’s nice to have the daylight shining through the windows so that we don’t have to have the lights on so much and being able to drive in the daylight more.  The dark months don’t offer that.  They bring with them the snow and the cold and the frost.  I guess I’d better get the sandbags for the bed of my truck sometime today since the dark months have begun.  It’s sure to snow within the next couple of days and I don’t want to deal with sandbags after the fact.  That’s just asking for it!  The dark months…sandbag season.

So are there any advantages to the dark months?  Really?  You wake up and it’s dark and then it gets dark at 1600 hrs in the afternoon.  Night reaches out and consumes the daylight.  Why do we do this?  Up north and west here in Montana, we barely get daylight during the dark months.  I’ve never heard anybody say, “Yay!  The dark months are here and Daylight Saving Time is over!”  Never.  Not once.  I don’t like it.  Not one bit.  So it begins to get light one hour “earlier” during the dark months.  What difference does that make when you barely get eight hours of daylight, anyway?  It just doesn’t make sense to me.  I’d better go get my sandbags…

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