On belay to get to my locker!

They moved the lockers out of the bathroom and over next to one of the climbing walls at the gym yesterday. There is a wooden pedestal that they are sitting on top of, so I would’ve had to be on belay to reach my locker! Zac got the step stool for my 5’3″ self so that I could transfer my belongings to a locker two rows lower, haha. Instead of Locker #2, I now have Locker #11, which I can actually reach from the ground. I was just relieved that my stuff was still there! When I walked into the restroom and saw the lockers were missing, I was momentarily alarmed! I renewed my locker rental for another year and renewed my waiver while we were dealing with all this other stuff. This way, it’s all taken care of. I don’t have to worry about it for another year. Thank goodness, I made some unexpected progress today!

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