What will your obituary say?

It’s a serious question, and I actually want you to think about life right now. Your life. Nobody knows how or when we’re going to die, but each of us can choose how we’re going to live, and that’s going to hopefully be the highlight of your obituary! So let me break it down and get some juices flowing for you…

Another way of asking this question is to ask how you will be remembered. How would you be remembered if you died right now? What would those who spoke at your funeral or memorial service say about you? How would your name be listed in the papers? Would they list your nickname? Would people be heavily impacted by your loss? Would they write a half-page, heartfelt piece for the newspaper, or would they let the funeral home or crematorium use their short-form standardized template? Would they list more than just your name and age?

The most important question about how you will be remembered is whether or not you lived your life and not someone else’s. Did you discover who you really are? Did you live life on your terms and follow your passions? Were you happy with your life?

For me, one of the worst things I could ever have written in my obituary would be that I lived for everyone but myself. Why? If that were true of me, then that would mean that I never discovered myself or used my own creativity to better myself, others, or the rest of the world. I would never have lived! I would have been a puppet. A human puppet. That’s not what I want to be remembered for!

My point here is simple. Be yourself. ALWAYS! I guarantee it will all work out better that way for everyone. So, what will your obituary say?

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