The custom draw…by Tony

I bought a very special draw today at SteepWorld. Tony, one of my friends and one of the staff at the gym, asked me what I needed upon me saying I was in need of some gear. I somewhat sheepishly replied that I needed a single draw. “Just one?” Yes. Just one. Like that single Black Diamond or something like that. “See, the problem with that Black Diamond is that it’s a package draw. You want a package draw, or you want a custom draw?” Tony smiled. I requested a custom draw as Tony put the two carabiners and the dogbone on the glass countertop. “You want me to put it together for you? Sometimes these rubber grommets can be tricky.” I was pleased as punch with my custom draw that Tony had built for me. I promptly clipped it to my belt loop after I had paid for it and Tony had cut the tags off of everything.

A special draw for a special purpose. That purpose? I need a piece of climbing gear to fiddle with in order to calm my anxiety down. I suffered another trauma two weeks ago, which has my PTSD out of control. Since I can’t climb due to injury, I have to do something climbing related to calm the anxiety down enough to do anything. We’ll see if my custom draw works like I hope it does…

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