The EVO planner

I have been using an EVO planner for almost two weeks now, along with my Bullet Journal.  EVO is a trademarked name and has an app that works along with a planner customized for your personality type–one of four–to help you organize your life better and get things done.  Their philosophy is that generic planners don’t work for a lot of people because they just aren’t set up for their personality type.  Therefore, the folks at Project EVO designed a short quiz to take online in order to determine which of the four personality types you are or most closely resemble–Explorer, Alchemist, Architect, or Oracle–and designed different planners for each personality type, respectively.  The personality types all work together and each has strengths and weaknesses, as identified in the front matter of the planners.  You can even scan in the results of each day and week with your smartphone if you have the app and keep track of your “flow”.  This will demonstrate to you visually where the areas that need the most work are.

As an example, I took the quiz four times and each time, I came up being an Explorer, no bones about it.  I ordered the Explorer planner, and when it got here, it was fantastically packaged and is an exquisite volume.  The cover feels like a dream (I’ve honestly never felt anything like it).  Now, being designed for an Explorer, it focuses on helping me with structure, which is one of my biggest weaknesses.  So far, it has helped me organize my time better and get more done in less time.  Along with the app, it is a great tool to help me with the unique strengths and weaknesses of my personality type.  I continue to use the Bullet Journal system alongside this EVO planner and app because I can write more in the way of notes and such and customize the Bullet Journal to be what I need it to be day-by-day, but the EVO planner has potential.  I’ll try it for a while and see how it goes.  It won’t replace the Bullet Journal, but it might be a good companion…

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