Right now I’m using Dragon in order to dictate my blog.  I don’t know how well it is working, but it is all I have while my thumb is immobilized.  It seems to be working all right for now.  I have to use the command “cache document” a lot. It doesn’t like some of the spellings that I ask it to use. Oh, well. It is a computer program. I don’t expect it to know climbing terms very well.

Speaking of climbing, that is something that I cannot do right now. It is very frustrating. The MyClimb Solstice Challenge 2018 begins 05 November 2018, which is in a very short few weeks. I don’t know what to choose for goals, as my injury prevents me from climbing. It is very maddening to know that I could be working on climbing a few grades harder if I was not injured. I also want to go ice climbing in January 2019. I don’t know if that will happen with this injury being the way it is. I do not see my primary care physician until 30 October, which is a week and a half away. All this time, the injury has been healing on its own because that’s what the body does. It could be healing incorrectly, and I cannot afford to have something as important as my wrist heal incorrectly as a climber. I worry about that a lot.

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