MacOS Mojave upgrade

While I am on tech stuff this morning, I thought I would tell you about macOS Mojave, the latest upgrade for Mac.  It has this awesome setting called “Dark Mode”, which I chose, and it is fantastic!  Instead of all of your menus being a blinding white, the menus are black with white and colored highlights.  For example, your calendar is no longer white–it is black–with the blue and purple and green and whatever other colors you have going on in it lit up!  In mail, the inbox is black and the colored flags stick out like a sore thumb, which I love!  You can choose to have the regular mode, too.  You do not have to go to Dark Mode with the new upgrade to Mojave, but I would recommend Dark Mode.  I love it!

There are some new apps included with the Mojave upgrade as well.  A voice recording program, Apple News, Amazon Music, and one other that I cannot remember at the moment are included.  You can organize differently on your desktop with Mojave and you can also preview larger versions of your Finder menu items, which I find very helpful.  I really like the Mojave upgrade for Mac, and I hope that you do, too!  Explore it.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised!

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