Well, I was going to go climbing…

Well, I was going to go climbing…but that was before the alarm went off and I rolled over and went back to sleep.  When the alarm sounded, I sat up and turned it off, contemplated briefly if I wanted to go out into the cold morning air, mentally said, “Nope,” and laid back down.  I awoke to my brother standing at the foot of the bed with Squiggle Bug.  I had overslept over two hours!  I quickly got things ready for Cullen and he was asleep for the most part, so I laid him in the nice warm spot where I had by lying and covered him up.  He was very sleepy–as sleepy as I was!  I gave my brother a hug and took my meds (late, of course).  Now that I am a little  more awake, I have gotten dressed somewhat and am writing this blog post to wake up a bit more.  My blog helps me think and focus.  I am glad I slept in, though.  I needed that.  My sleep is a difficult thing to manage most of the time.  I do not sleep well, have nightmares regularly, and am probably eating away at the ends of my telomeres like there’s no tomorrow.  Those telomeres are important to longevity, I hear.  I have to do something about that…

Anyway, good morning!  I hope you are having a good morning, too.  If you are not, stop to take a deep breath and feel that breath fill your lungs.  You are alive–it is a good day!  It is a new day; a new opportunity.  Who knows what will happen today?  You must live it to find out, and I hope that your steps are blessed this day, my friends.  Have a good one, no matter how it started out.

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