KT Taping my knee with KT Adhesive Spray

I awoke at 2300 hrs (only an hour ago) from a nightmare and my left knee hurt like crazy.  That is the knee that I tweaked when I fell in Wyoming.  I have not had it taped for the last day and a half because I have not needed to, but it was letting me know that it needed some tender, loving care tonight when I woke up.  I decided to spare myself some money and use the KT Pro Tape instead of the KT Extreme Pro Tape, but with a twist.  I wanted to try out the KT Adhesive Spray, and what better way to try it out than to use the KT Pro with adhesive spray and compare it to the performance of the KT Extreme Pro without adhesive spray added?  It will be a grand experiment on top of helping my knee feel better and recover at the same time.  In case you have not noticed, I am always making an experiment out of things, formulating and testing hypotheses and reporting my findings to you, my readers!  Hopefully you get something out of all of these wild tangents I go on…

Anyway, the first thing I learned is that you need to hold the KT Adhesive Spray bottle at least six inches from your skin when spraying, and it does not take much!  I held the bottle too close and oversprayed, which led to me spreading the liquid adhesive around with my hand and subsequently having to wash my hand off while I allowed the remaining adhesive on my knee to dry somewhat.  This leads me to the second point; it is important to allow the adhesive to become tacky to the touch before applying the KT Tape.  You will know when it is tacky enough.  It will get nice and sticky, and will not come off on your finger when you test it if it is ready to be covered with tape.  A third pointer is to have your KT Tape prepared to apply so that when the adhesive is ready, so are you!  It is much easier to have the tape ready to apply than to be fiddling with the paper backing.  That way, you could be applying it to your adhesive-covered skin at the perfect time!  This is a somewhat time-sensitive process as far as getting the tape onto the adhesive at the right time, but it is nothing to panic about.  Just be prepared and it should go smooth as silk.  Updates pending…

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