Organizing my stuff…what a battle!

I have a piles sense of organization–I know which pile what I want is in, where in the pile it is located, and what room the pile is in.  That is good enough for me.  Others, however, do not take so well to my piles.  I come by it honestly, though, because my dad organizes the same way.  Piles.  Everywhere.  Piles.

My mom bought me some clear plastic containers so that I could at least clean my piles up in the kitchen and give the kitchen space back to my spouse.  Yesterday, I managed to get rid of a dozen boxes of various sizes and pack their contents all into one container.  My mom is storing the container out at her house for me.  I thought the kitchen looked much better.  My spouse, however, did not even notice.  I resent that.  I spent a few hours on that project, and though it is not finished yet, I made what I thought was significant progress!  Jerrold did not see it that way.  Instead, I was questioned on what all the stuff in my office was.  What does my office have to do with what I just accomplished in the kitchen?!  I feel like the point was missed completely and my efforts wasted.  At least I know what I got done yesterday!

Today, I am going to attempt to organize even more of my stuff, including that on the kitchen table, and see if my spouse notices, then.  I figure that if the kitchen table gets cleaned off, an acknowledgment that I did something will be in order.  There is no ignoring that.

I am sitting here thinking of how and where I am going to organize the things that are sitting on the kitchen table.  I have to clean my office a bit first, I believe.  That way, I can transfer my “office” back into my office proper, and leave the kitchen table to whoever wants to use it.  I have to find a way to remember where I put all of the important things that I have sitting on the kitchen table and surrounding area, though.  There are some things that are vital not to lose in this process of transition!  I need to attack my office proper first.  That is where I will start.  In order for the kitchen table to get cleared, I must have a place in my office to put what I remove from the kitchen table!  It is not a swap, but instead a migration.  I am looking forward to getting settled back into my office proper.  I am not, however, looking forward to the transition and reorganization of my stuff!  That is how things get lost forever in my experience!  The notorious “safe place” that you put all things valuable and ends up being the black hole of doom when you try to find those precious things again…

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