Ordered a pair of Lowa Rocket Lace climbing shoes

I have experienced the Lowa Rocket and found it to be a superb shoe, and in fact, the only shoe for my foot that I have found thus far in searching the world over.  Now I am going to try the Lowa Rocket Lace climbing shoe.  It is the same shoe, but the laced version, in case I need such a thing for crack climbing or traditional climbing.  I am going to see how the laced version compares to the original Lowa Rocket climbing shoes that I love.  It will take a bit for them to arrive, I suspect, since they are being sent from the Czech Republic.  Once they get here, though, it may well be time to get my Lowa Rockets resoled.  Perfect timing?  We shall see.  I hope they fit my feet like the Lowa Rocket climbing shoes do.  The laced version of some shoes fit quite differently than one would suppose, and it is sometimes a huge diappointment.  I hope that this is not the case with the Lowa Rocket Lace climbing shoes.

I so look forward to climbing now that I have found “my shoe”–the Lowa Rockets.  The laced version will be a delightful experiment if nothing else, and I will be sure to give a review and comparison when I have some experience with them!

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