The return of Squiggle Bug!

How long does it take a 15-month-old Squiggle Bug to get off the bed?  Less than the blink of an eye when he decides he is tired of watching cartoons and is ready to leap into action.  He always goes and checks to make sure his show is still on between trips to the kitchen to see Aunt Chris and then back to the bedroom again to see Uncle Jerrold, though.  He experimented with stepping down into the dark bathroom and then back up into the bright kitchen–back and forth, back and forth.  Then he decided to shut the door from inside the bathroom and discovered it was dark.  That was pretty funny!  Uncle Jerrold got a fire truck that makes siren noises and lights up for him, and I got him a rug with streets and such on it some time ago, both of which he found fascinating.  He has grown about four inches taller since we last saw him two weeks ago!  Wow, is he ever active!  He is ever the explorer.  Squiggle Bug, we missed you!  After wrestling with Duck for a while, he found the fly swatter hanging on the fridge and pushed and pulled it around as if he was cleaning with it, much like his toy vacuum cleaner upstairs.  He laid down on Duck several times.  I am sure he is one tired little boy, but he has been napping while Gramma was watching him much of the day, so he has plenty of energy tonight.  His favorite toys are still a plastic McDonald’s cup and a straw, though, as far as I can tell.  Squiggle Bug is one funny little guy!

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