Patagonia Nano Puff jacket

I have had a gift card for $100 to REI ratlling around in my wallet for almost six months now.  I buy stuff from REI regularly, and wondered why I had never used this gift card for any of my purchases there.  Well, when I bought my bike, I had just gotten my REI line of credit and had not yet received my gift card.  Buying the bike right away is what allowed me to get the $100 gift card.  So, in the natural order of things, this being just the way I am, I have been saving the gift cad for something that is really unique.  I found that unique item on REI’s site a couple of weeks ago.  I found a Patagonia Nano Puff jacket in my size on sale and paid only a few pennies for it after applying that $100 gift card.  Why, you ask, would a Patagonia Nano Puff jacket be that cheap?  It is definitely the color–one I am assuming has not sold as well as the others.

So what color is it?  I would describe it as a dark sunburst orange with a navy-colored inner liner.  It is a very noticeable color, I must say.  I am wearing it right now.  It is a really nice jacket!  For how thin it is, it is keeping me remarkably warm as I write this blog post in my cold basement apartment.  I even fell asleep for about 20 minutes wearing it while sitting in my chair there just now, and could not be more pleased with not waking up chilled.  This jacket packs down into the size fof its own pocket and has a cloth loop that could be put on a carabiner for transport.

Now, imagine you find this jacket that I am describing for sale for just pennies over the amount of your $100 gift card.  Is it necessarily my color?  For that price, it is!  I have gotten much less picky about what color I will wear (with the definite exceptions of pink, magenta, girly pastel colors, and the like) over the course of my 38 years of life–especially when it comes to high-priced, yet very good gear that happens to be on sale.  If the sale is particularly good, I might end up with a size 2XL dark sunburst orange Patagonia Nano Puff jacket for a hundred dollars that I can even zip and wear now because I have lost 25 lbs!

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