The first day of October 2018

It is officially October 2018 by an hour and seven minutes’ worth of time.  In less than 48 hours, I will be 38 years old.  I have been 38, though.  For some odd reason, I have never considered myself to be 37, even though I really like the number 37.  For the last year, I have always had the immediate thought that I am 38 years old when someone asks my age.  I guess I get to be 38 for two years, then…

This reminds me of when I had my age crisis at age 28.  Why 28?  I have no idea.  Most people have their age crisis on a decade year or when they land on the senior citizens’ menu, or when they retire.  Not me.  I had my age crisis when I was 28 years old for no apparent reason.  Two thousand eight.  That was a rough year.

Turning 38 is not an age crisis.  It may become one–that, I cannot predict–but I doubt it.  I am very comfortable with the idea of being 38, losing more weight, having great doctors and good healthcare, being on the right medications, being a climber and blogger with freelance writing opportunities, and having a future ahead of me.  I am having a good run right now.  I am also ignoring, or rather failing to mention, all that is not going to my liking, but those are not things that I wish to dwell on right at the moment.  In terms of happiness, I am experiencing a good amount of it as I write this, so I am going to go with it.  The silence of the wee hours of the morning suits me.

My climbing buddy Em wants to climb with me on my birthday, which I think is fantastic!  She said she would give me my gift then.  I know that she knows she does not have to get me a gift for my birthday, but she is one of those people that cares in return to being cared for, and a definite keeper as friends go.  She, too, is an old soul, and I am glad to know the old souls that I do.  We must band together and keep track of one another–protect one another–from this world that does not understand us.  If you are an old soul, you know you are one, and you know the misunderstanding that I speak of.

I am excited to climb with Em on Wednesday.  Her birthday is the day before mine.  Lou’s birthday is the day after mine.  I have a whole bunch of good climbing buddies whose birthdays are in October!  It seems to be a good month for climbers…  There may have been a hint of bias in that last statement.  Okay, there was.

T starts his new job in Bozeman today.  I hope he likes it.  I have a lot of confidence in his abilities.  He just has to spread his wings and fly.  I am sure he will be soaring like an eagle in no time!  I miss him already, though.  Great friend.  Great climbing buddy.  He told me he would let me know when he is in town, though, so hopefully we will get to climb together from time to time.  It will give me something to look forward to.

I am living the life of a climber.  It is a nomadic life–one fraught with uncertainty, passion, and a strong sense of identity with the rock and that leaves you with friends all over the world, mostly far away.  This life can be lonely, but your climbing buddies are always close at heart, even if they are not close at hand.  When you see them and climb with them, it is a great feeling to be together doing what you all love and were called to do and be in life again!  Such a fever takes you at these times!  So we live on; honest beggars, entrepreneurs, outcasts, and oddballs…

Climbers come from all walks of life, but the truest climbers seem to have no place in the world except the mountains and the crags.  We do things like artwork and freelance work–entrepreneur work after a fashion–to make the money we need to buy new climbing gear and fix the old gear well enough to function for yet another day.  I see the independence that we have, and we are slaves to it.  It is an interesting paradox indeed.  We get to climb, though!  There are few greater things in this life.  I love being a climber!

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