A public thank-you to Ron Curtis of Billings, Montana

I want to say thank you publicly to Ron Curtis, Business Administrator at Billings Vision Center here in Billings, Montana, who always greets me with a smile and can adjust a pair of glasses like nobody’s business.  Not only can he adjust them perfectly and quickly, but he also takes pride in doing it right and making sure that his customer is a happy one when that person leaves.  I am a VA patient, so he gets absolutely no payment from me (even though I have offered) for adjusting my glasses.

Let me tell you how I met Ron.  It was the day before Thanksgiving two years ago and I had just gotten my new prescription lenses in the mail.  I needed to have them for the Thanksgiving weekend, but all of the optical shops in town were closed.  As my spouse and I drove around, we saw two vehicles parked at an optical shop on 24th and Grand.  We quickly pulled in and they were just locking the door.  I ran over and asked if there was any way that they could possibly adjust my glasses, and that I would be happy with even the sloppiest of adjustments.  They unlocked the door and asked a man inside, “Ron, do you want to adjust a pair of glasses?”  The man replied that he would gladly do so.  They allowed me in and Ron Curtis shook my hand.  I thanked him, explained that I was a Veteran and had just received my new glasses in the mail, and gave him all that I had in my pocket–a five dollar bill.  He refused to take it.  I begged him to take it and told him that I knew he was off the clock and that he had never had any business from me in his shop.  He told me that he was happy to help Veterans out.  I finally convinced him to take the five dollars from me as a Thanksgiving token of appreciation.  He finally, with much protest, did so, having been convinced that I was not leaving until he agreed to take the money.  I have been in several times since then to have Ron adjust my glasses because he is so dedicated and friendly.  I have offered to pay him every time, and every time he has refused.

Ron Curtis is a model professional and should be recognized for his top-notch service to his customers.  Ron has been doing this for 30 years.  He wants the job to be done right and the person he is working with to be not only satisfied, but happy when they leave his presence.  Thank you, Ron, for always bringing a little sunshine to the world!  It gets awfully dim sometimes…

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