Healed enough to go climbing

Well, all of my bruises are healed up enough to go climbing today, or that is the way that it looks, anyway.  I do not wear shorts, so I have some protection against further banging them up.  Some, that is.  Yesterday, I was really tired and worn out.  I did go to the climbing gym after my doctor’s appointment, but did not end up climbing.  I talked to my friend McKenzie and told her about my trip to Dubois with my mom.  Emily came in and the three of us talked for a bit.  I sat and watched some of the guys boulder for a little while, too, and then headed off.

I would have loved to climb, but my left knee was particularly sore from having fallen on it, and the rest of my body was screaming, “No!  Give me a rest!   You just worked me to the bone at 7000′ for two days!”  Dubois sits at 7000′.  Billings sits at 3600′.

Today, I feel much more rested and the pain from having taken all of those flying leaps has subsided somewhat.  I have many marks to attest to the authenticity of my story, however I am not sharing any photos of them.  Sorry.  You will have to speculate about what they look like.  They are something to behold, though!

The climbing gym opens at 1000 hrs this morning, and I plan on being there waiting.  Maybe I will get an opportunity to give “Chasing Dragons” (5.8)  a shot.  Maybe not.  Updates pending…

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