Exhibit J at the zoo…

So the climbing gym is crazy today. I have ended up being Exhibit J on the bench here today because it is just too chaotic for me to climb right now. There are kids everywhere! Of course, kids get excited and do not follow the rules, nor do they have near enough supervision in most cases. SteepWorld is swarming with youth and new climbers. New climbers need supervision, too—it is safer that way. One kid cannot stay away from the vending machine. Another set of three kids are fighting over who gets to climb on one particular hold all at the same time. Where are their mothers? Upstairs visiting. Oblivious. This is the SteepWorld Climbing Gym, not the SteepWorld Babysitting Service. That may sound harsh, but people can really get hurt badly when others are oblivious, young, or undertrained in a climbing gym!

As I have been writing this, the gym has calmed down some. I may be able to climb a bit if it remains less than insane for a few more minutes. Then again, it is getting late and I am getting hungry. I think I will have to forego climbing until tomorrow or Monday. It was not for lack of trying, however. This is my second time here today. Updates pending…

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