Back from Dubois!

Wow, what a time my mom and I had at my parents’ house outside Dubois, Wyoming for the last three days!  We drove my truck down there because we had to pick up some lumber and do some house and garage repairs.  It was a good thing that we took my truck for a lot of reasons.  We arrived there at around 1330 hrs on Tuesday.  The first thing that happened was that my mom found a packrat in the house!  She picked him up by his tail, tossed him in a bucket, and told me to get something to cover the bucket with.  I wanted to see what was going on, so I stepped onto a rotten step up to the landing of the house, and half of it broke off, sending me flying backward onto the ground from about four feet off the ground!  Once I got up, I found a piece of slate and put it over the bucket so that the packrat could not escape.  He had already gotten into some mouse poison, so we let him die in peace in the bucket.  After unpacking the truck, my mom and I sat down and had some coffee to discuss our adventure!

I went upstairs with my 350 lumen headlamp and checked for other packrats.  I found an awesome bat skeleton, and was so excited about it that I forgot about the rotten step on the landing and stepped right on it.  This time, I went flying frontward and landed on my face in a sagebrush, bouncing once, and coming to rest in a rather awkward position on the ground.  I carefully rolled onto my stomach and ceased moving.  Everything hurt, but especially my nose.  I was doing a systems check when my mom came out of the garage and asked what I was doing on the ground. I asked her if my glasses were messed up.  “Well, no, they seem to be fine.  Let me see.”  Yep, all that I had hit as far as my face went was my nose.  I laid there for a few more minutes, making sure my nose was not broken, and then had my mom help me up.

Later that first day, my cell phone was on the charger and began ringing.  I went to answer it, only to trip over the sharp edge of an aluminum ladder that we have stored in the house and scraping my knee against it.  I dropped to the floor in pain, unable to walk.  My mom grabbed the phone and brought it to me, but it stopped ringing the moment that she got it into my hand.  That was Day One.

Fortunately, Day Two (yesterday) went much better.  We had to work with plywood sheets in 40 mph winds and cool temperatures, but it could have been much, much worse.  We accomplished most of what we wanted to do yesterday.

Day Three – today.  This morning, we got the rest of the house repairs finished, buried the packrat, and headed for home.  In all, we had driven 649 miles.  I took a short nap before returning to my apartment in Billings.  I unpacked and am now relaxing, sore from all the work we did in such a short amount of time at twice the elevation I am used to working at.

My mom and I had a great time!  We laughed so hard and so much that my abs are sore!  It was a fantastic trip and I look forward to the next trip that I get to take with my mom.

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